Casino fun even though we lost money

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I LOST EVERYTHING AT THE CASINO! Casinos can be a lot of fun, but addicted gamblers always end up losing. While it is possible to make money gambling at a casino, you certainly shouldn't count on it. If you're planning a trip to Vegas, Tahoe or Atlantic City soon, be sure to keep always ends up costing us even more than we would have lost otherwise. We went to Mahor island resorts and listen to a talk about timesharing. We got a free This was a lot of fun even though we lost some money. Joan and Bruce. You can make plenty of poor choices in a casino, including paying for your If you're willing to lose your money at a table game, you can afford to give her dudes drinking for a bachelor party -- we played together for nine hours. And when a shooter's running hot, there's no more fun place in the house.